The Devil's ring has the magical power which can control all demons.
It was the beginning of the big disaster that one poor person got that ring.

Fortinbras who was a mere beggar plans revenge to the state which oppressed itself by getting the power which controls a demon, and the world.

The forces of the demon whom Fortinbras commands go to the capital to make the power of the ring a perfect thing.
As for standing before that, three princesses.

A princess is decided to be exposed in the hand of the demons' desire!



Princess'Lords Manual

2006/03/03 Borneo PARA-SITE


As for this occasion, thank you for purchasing the joint production member software game "Princess Raper" of Borneo PARA-SITE, Anglachel and Suu Fuu Renda.

This manual is constructed based on the screen size, the 800*600 pixel and Firefox1.5.

2. Purpose of game

It is the game which a monster is arranged to and which makes it fight automatically.
When a princess is knocked down, another H scene appears by the kind of the monster which put a stop.
It becomes a stage clearance if it destroys an enemy completely or it destroys a foothold completely.
If it is cleared, as for the game, you finish eleven pages.

3. How to play

See the following.


There is the following thing in the monster which can be arranged, and the order.

Unit Cost Explanation
Ork /Solder
Small fish soldier. It is cheap and weak. It is resistant to the magician.
Beast / Knight
Cavalryman. It is early and strong. It is resistant to the soldier.
Daemon / Mage
Magician. Though it can be attacked far, it is expensive, and moreover unreasonableness pain brown is hit, and weak. It is resistant to the cavalryman.
Princess. It doesn't understand even if it is seen though there are various kinds.
Foothold. It becomes defeat if it has all the footholds of each army dropped.
A big foothold. It lets me fall point.
But, it can't be dropped hard very much.


Order Explanation
Defence The foothold is kept.
Intercept It aims at an enemy unit, and proceeds.
Only even these operations can clear a game at the time of the reality.
Destroy It aims at an enemy foothold, and proceeds.
It isn't so useful because it is attacked when it hits an enemy unit.

It becomes important that it proceeds without using a point in each stage very much because a point is taken over in the next stage.

4.The condition to rape a princess

The scene when a princess is raped varies in the monster which knocked down a princess.

For example.

Sisuka -> Ork ->
Sisuka -> Beast -> ???
Sisuka -> Daemon -> ???
Adel -> Ork -> ???
Adel -> ->
Adel -> Daemon -> ???
Rosa -> ->
Rosa -> Beast -> ???
-> Daemon -> ???

Leave a monster well, and rape a princess.


It becomes all of the information which is necessary for the play in the above.